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Mind University offers two different apps for download.

Mind University App 2024

  • Enroll in exclusive Mind University courses.
  • Join Mind University, become a lecturer, and start your own courses and seminars.
  • Stay informed about new study areas and seminars at Mind University.
  • Catch up on news regarding Manor, the campus, and Mind University.
  • Manage Mind University as a DAO member.
  • Establish your social presence on our platform, create a feed, post articles, and start groups and pages.

Mind University App

Manorverse App 2024

  • See the Manor Palace in different eras.
  • Virtually tour the manor campus and museum.
  • Visit Andre Park as it was intended a century ago.
  • Learn school subjects via fun games.
  • Enroll in exclusive Mind University courses.
  • Discover many exciting projects integrated within the ‘Manorverse’.
  • Become an investor and co-owner of Mind University.

Manorverse App


Indira Gandhi

Former Prime Minister of India who practiced yoga and was interested in Indian philosophy and spirituality.

Queen Victoria

Was interested in spiritualism and often attended séances to communicate with her deceased husband. She also consulted with astrologers on political decisions.

Helena Blavatsky

Russian occultist, philosopher, and author who co-founded the Theosophical Society.

Isaac Newton

Was an alchemist who studied spiritual texts such as the Bible and believed in the concept of a universal spirit. He also dabbled in astrology and tried to find hidden meanings in the Bible.